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Hi. So consider this an introductory post, I guess.

My name is Teashi (Travis irl). I lead a normal life as a depressed teenager with normal friends and a stressful school life. Just like any teenager my age, I have almost no idea what I want to do with this life. After all, was I prepared to know? No. Society doesn't really give a shit. Anyways, at some point, I came to the conclusion that I was a "fictionkin" (though personally I don't like that term or the term "otakukin" which also applies to me). I lived about three years of life in my quiet corner of the universe while hurting no one with my identity. I kept quiet about it because I knew I'd be instantly marked as insane or unstable. A freak. A weirdo. My friends might even think me a freak if I told them my identity. But as of now, they treat me kindly. And I like that. I have no desire to come out as "fictionkin." In fact, I'd much rather leave it to be a purely online thing, unless I come across someone irl that is actually perfectly okay with such a thing.

I've only recently found out that being a 'kin of any type is a thing. I didn't know there was a word for it, I didn't know other people felt this way, I didn't know this, or that, or anything. One day I just decided I wanted to talk to someone about it. But not someone I knew. I googled it. I found a few dead otakukin forums and livejournal community pages. I found a lot of hate. Eventually I found the tumblr 'kin community... not the nicest place on the internet. And now here I am on dreamwidth. I only know of one other 'kin/fictive/whatever type of person on here, and I do hope to find more. Although I've heard this place is just as dead as livejournal.

So how about my identity? Who do I identify as? No one "canon," by mainstream definition (because to me, I'm canon. To any fan of the show, I am not). What I mean by this is, I am my own character. I'm from the Naruto'verse. I am not Naruto. I am not Sakura. I am not Sasuke, not Kiba, not Shino, not Tenten, not Minato. You name 'em, I'm not 'em. I'm Teashi. I'm part of the Inuzuka Clan. I've got three dog partners (Marumaru, Kotatsu, and Takara) and a lovely Inuzuka boyfriend who also has a dog partner. His name would be Kiba (and his dog Akamaru). He is canon. In both forms. That's all for now. I'll explain my personal logic as to how I got here in a later post.

~ Tea

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teashi: Art of two Inuzuka shinobi. The left shinobi was drawn by Jeca96 on Deviantart. (Default)

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